Google Ad Words
client: Google
media: DOOH and display
role: visual design oversight
The brief from Google was to encourage small and medium business to use Google Ad Words. The creative team's response was to show businesses how everyday situations, like spilling wine on a rug, would likely result in a Google search and that's where these businesses needed to be.

Our six scenarios were: a glass of red wine spilling on a rug, a dog shaking muddy water onto a clean car, a roasting vegetable exploding inside an oven, a shelf falling, wind breaking an umbrella and a mobile phone smashing on the ground. Each of these scenarios was challenging because it was difficult to control or replicate the key action which resulted in multiple takes and lots of replacement props.

We decided to shoot on a Phantom Flex4K and then crop in because of the extreme differences in aspect ratios between the narrowest portrait format and widest landscape format.

Originally we had planned to shot at 1000 fps but early testing revealed that was too slow to keep the action interesting, so the frame rate was reduced to between 250 and 500 depending on the scenario except for the vegetable exploding in the oven because that happened so quickly. Reducing the frame rate also had the desirable effect of reducing the size of our video files which sped up our workflow. eg a ten second shot at 1000 fps takes 7 minutes to playback at 24 fps.

Once the shoot was finished we made our selects, mocked up the banners and sent them with 10 second video edits for each format to Google's internal production team who combined the assets and sent the final files for trafficking.
agency: adam&eveDDB  |  creative director: Sophie Knox and Miles Carte

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