Collection of Sites
A collection of sites and pitch concepts.
Australian Group Insurance
AGI is a third-party administrator specialising in wholesale group insurance. They build and manage bespoke systems customised to the administration needs of their clients including a range of white labelled group life and salary continuance products. Their public website needed a structural and visual overhaul and in the process we also modernised their logo and branding.
role: UX & art direction
Chifley partnered with AGI to build a site for their new personal insurance product. A strong focus on the user experience helped simplify the signup process while a fresh take on their existing branding helped reflect their modern approach and professionalism. The result was a clean and easy to use site bring quality personal insurance to the everyday Australian. .
consulting for: AGI  |  role: UX & art direction
Westpac Graduate Program
Westpac needed a visual overhaul of it's graduate program in order to attract the best talent. The redesign needed to be quick and easy to implement as the graduate applications were closing soon. By working closely with the in-house front-end developer the site was redesigned and went live in three weeks.
agency: Host/Havas  |  creative director: Darren Cole  |  role: senior designer
Bauer Media Group
A new responsive site for Bauer to showcase their portfolio of more than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations to advertisers. 
agency: Frank Digital  |  creative director: Matt Barbelli  |  role: senior designer
Quality and class are central to DE&E and they needed a new responsive site that reflected these values. 
agency: Frank Digital  |  creative director: Matt Barbelli  |  role: senior designer
The Woolmark Company
The Woolmark logo is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, providing assurance of the highest quality, and representing pioneering excellence and innovation. This site mock-up was designed in two days as part of a pitch to the business.
agency: Frank Digital  |  creative director: Matt Barbelli  |  role: senior designer
To serve Certe’s business goals and enhance their client’s experience, we designed an online solution to support their corporate portfolio, providing multi layers of user access for brokers, employers and their employees. Key features of the site included: access to policy and member details 24/7 worldwide, additional data security, a document repository for ease of access to all historical documents, plus data analysis and visualisations to provide business insights and highlight trends.
employer: AGI  |  role: UX, art direction & design
City of Sydney
The City of Sydney is the local government area covering the CBD and is the oldest local government authority in New South Wales. These designs were part of the tender process.
agency: Frank Digital  |  creative director: Matt Barbelli  |  role: senior designer
ActivateUTS is home to 165 clubs and dedicated to levelling-up the student experience. It is the place to discover events, bars, take a spin class at the gym, pick up a UTS hoodie or play a game of social basketball in your lunch break.
agency: Frank Digital  |  creative director: Matt Barbelli  |  role: senior designer
Watch AFL & NRL
New landing page designs for the Watch AFL and NRL international streaming services. The pages put the focus back on their amazing products and their passion for footy.
company: Fox Sports  |  role: ux & design
The rebuild was both a user experience and technical challenge, requiring the modernisation of the brand, pixel perfect W3C accessible designs and developing a design system with detailed documentation.
agency: Host/Havas  |  creative director: Darren Cole  |  oversite: Kylie Lovegrove |  role: senior designer
White Label Site Template
Sometimes because of time or budget constraints, there is a need to create a beautiful site as quickly as possible. In order to speed up both the design and build process, we created a white label site template with a variety of pre-designed component that can easily have a brands style applied to them.
agency: Frank Digital  |  creative director: Matt Barbelli  |  role: senior designer
Interactive is Australia’s largest privately owned IT company. They required a visual update to their website that would reflect their market leading technology and make it easier for users to quickly discover their products and services.
agency: Frank Digital  |  creative director: Matt Barbelli  |  role: senior designer

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